100 years of tactical communication

Tactical communication Tool (TCT)

The Tactical Communications Tool (TCT) has been developed to allow the user to plan each event on their network, such as regrouping nodes and establishing radio links. The product gives the user the support to find suitable grouping places for nodes as well as an aid in calculating which nodes can be reached with the help of a specific equipment.

TCT also performs coverage calculations and can easily answer how well a certain radio equipment covers a geographical area given a receiver’s radio equipment. The user sets specific requirements that will apply to a particular radio link. The development of TCT takes place continuously through the addition of new functions and through the modernization of the user interface. The product also supports the planning and management of rapidly changing communication networks.

Our product has been used in many exercises around Sweden but also sharply in international assignments. Front End Strategy AB has since 2000 developed the Tactical Communications Tool in collaboration with the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and Carmenta. Every year, a new version of TCT is developed and delivered to FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. TCT is now also marketed internationally, with good results. TCT is also marketed internationally with good results.

You have the need, we have the product.
With the Tactical Communication Tool (TCT), the user can plan networks in both time and space, establish radio links, redistribute nodes, find possible links, make frequency allocation, show coverage and much more. TCT for short-term planning of mobile tactical HF / VHF radio communication and microwave networks. It was created in collaboration with the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and has been tested in combat, in international peacekeeping missions. Other assignments where TCT adds great value are e.g. in the event of natural disasters, forest fires or anywhere where a temporary communication network is needed.

Easy to use
TCT is built to support all levels of users, from beginners to experts. TCT handles technical details in a way that allows the operator to focus on solving the tactical problem rather than remembering the technical details. Descriptions of available equipment, with all relevant radio, parameters and the nodes that can be used to build the network, can be created by technical experts before the assignment begins. These descriptions are imported directly into TCT.

Planning a constantly moving network means keeping track of when changes are to take place. TCT allows the operator to plan each event in a network, such as redistribution of nodes and connection of radio links or other communication.